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*Updated Policy 2024

Please read the policy thoroughly. Payment will be considered acceptance of these terms regardless of whether or not you have read them.


100% of the amount is required up front to hold. No purchase is final until paid in full. I reserve the right to cancel any sale at any time for any reason. If cancellation is done on my part I will refund the full amount of payment. Price is subject to change at any time. I frequently adjust prices of offered Lionheads as they mature to reflect changing quality and/or costs of care beyond the original time of posting. This price may increase or decrease at any time. Just because a rabbit was posted at a certain price last week does not mean the rabbit will remain that price at the time of your inquiry.

I do not keep a “waiting list” and being the first to inquire on an available rabbit in no way constitutes any claim or right to purchase said rabbit. All sales are made at my discretion.

Due to the fragile nature of rabbits, I do not issue a guarantee on sale animals. All efforts are made to provide a sanitary and healthy environment and I strive to offer only animals that exhibit complete health. Once a rabbit leaves my care I can not be held responsible for any sicknesses or injuries that occur. It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect the animal prior to purchase. I understand that this may not be possible in certain situations such as out-of-state online sales and so I do my best to be completely honest with my buyers by only selling animals in excellent health. I may refuse the sale at any time for any reason. If payment was received for an animal being held and said animal becomes ill or deceased in my care I will either A. issue a refund or B. replace the animal with another of equal value agreeable to the buyer.

Transport is to be obtained by the buyer at the buyer’s expense. I do my best to coordinate with transporters. I reserve the right to refuse the transfer of animals in cases that I feel adequate care and/or basic needs may not be met. Fortunately, this has yet to happen and I am lucky enough to work with some of the best transporters in the country. If ever a situation were to arise that resulted in refusing transport, the buyer will be notified immediately and attempts will be made to arrange other transport.

Pick-up arrangements for sale animals are to be agreed on before purchase. In most cases, I will hold for a reasonable time for transport situations or delivery to shows I am attending. In instances that require a length of time exceeding two weeks, there will be a holding fee added to the purchase price to cover feed, care, and board. This is not a set fee but will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If a buyer fails to set up/confirm the agreed-upon transport and the rabbit misses the run, the buyer forfeits the rabbit and any monies paid towards the cost of the rabbit, boarding, or other expenses pertaining to that rabbit.

Three categories used to describe the quality of sale animals are “show”, “brood”, and “pet”.

• “Show” quality animals meet the breed standards, are free of disqualifications, and are expected to be competitive on the tables. While I do my best to evaluate potential show animals, I can not guarantee successful placing, no breeder can, and will not be held liable for any DQs that appear after the rabbit leaves my possession. It is 100% the buyer’s duty to inspect the animals before purchase and decline purchase if the animal is found unsatisfactory. Once the purchase is made I am not obligated to reimburse for any faults that occur.

* “Brood” quality animals may have some characteristics that prevent them from showing competitively but can oftentimes offer qualities that could be beneficial in breeding programs. These animals will typically be offered with a full pedigree to experienced breeders or beginners looking for good stock to build their herd.

* “Pet” quality animals will lack certain characteristics that prevent the animal from aligning closely to the breed standard. These animals offer no benefit to a serious breeding program. While I do not breed with the intention of creating “pet” quality animals, mother nature and genetics have a mind of their own so these do show up in litter. I occasionally offer these animals as pets without pedigrees and a non-breeding contract.

Animals sold as “proven” have been successfully bred and produced offspring with the sale price reflecting this confirmation. Animals not sold as proven have not produced offspring. There is no way to predict that an animal will procreate so if the ultimate goal is breeding I recommend purchasing a proven animal. I do not offer any type of reimbursement or replacement for an animal that has not been reproduced.

*Do not change the names of rabbits. In some cases, buyers will be able to choose the name they would like on the pedigree if the rabbit has not already been named. This name will be agreed upon by both buyer and seller upon purchase. In the event a rabbit is already named, the pedigreed name is permanent and not to be altered at any time, for any reason. When posting pictures of Willow Lane Homestead rabbits on social media the name is not to be changed or altered in any way. The full name, including and not withholding, “Willow Lane” must be used. Any changes to the original pedigree are prohibited. Changes made without the consent of Willow Lane Homestead will be considered falsification of a pedigree. Any violation of this policy could result in buyers being banned from future purchases.

I maintain First Right of Refusal on ALL PEDIGREED RABBITS that leave my rabbitry, meaning before a Willow Lane rabbit is resold it must be offered to me first with the option to buy it back at the price I received for it.

Willow Lane Homestead rabbits are never to be surrendered to any animal shelter or humane society and must be returned to me unless other suitable arrangements are agreed upon. No refunds will be given but I will assure proper steps are taken to adequately care for the animal.


 ~By purchasing a rabbit from Willow Lane Homestead, you agree to follow all terms of our Sales Policy! Thank you!~

*Sales Policy subject to change at any time.

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